Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Into the Clearing

I have a friend, Tammy, whose son died just a while back. She recently wrote an amazing ode to her emerging from the darkness. I could identify with it so well. I think that those who have emerged from the darkenss themselves, by God's grace, will identify also.

Into The Clearing

I have been wandering in a dank, dark forest. Wolves have been nipping at my heels throughout the night. I can smell the leaves rotting on the cold, wet ground. It has been an interminable night. I know that God has been guiding me through this trial, but I have traveled too long, and I am bone weary...

I look up,and slowly, in the distance I perceive a ribbon of pink on the horizon. The dark gray of the night lightens to reveal spaces between the trees that surround me. A warm breeze carries the scent of wild flowers to me, and shafts of golden sunlight pierce the darkness.

A melody begins. A sweet alto voice calls out to all that God is faithful. She is joined by a clear tenor, followed by a warm, rich bass.

I step into the clearing, and the warmth of the sun envelops me. I join my soprano with the harmony of the beauty God has created. More people emerge from the darkness and step into the light. We all raise our voices to the One who has brought us through the night. A dance of praise to Him begins. Our fatigue melts away as we are given perfect rest. The night is finally over and God has brought us through.


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