Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's in HOW we touch Him

A woman came up on the throng behind him - and she touched the border of his garment, for she was saying to herself "If I may but tough his clothes I shall be cured."

Instantly she knew in her body she was healed

Immediately Jesus knowing in himself that the power had gone forth from him, said "Somebody touched Me - for I knew that power went forth from me."

There were many who touched him that day. They were pressing all about him. Some may have touched him just to say they touched him. Others may ahve reached out and touched him as one would touch a movie star in passing if you could.

But that day only one in the crowd was healed.

Who knows how or why all the others touched him, but she touched him with purpose, with intent, with faith.

The Scripture says "He started to look around to see the one who had done this."

What was he looking for? Someone who was changed. Someone who was amazed. This is because you can't touch Jesus with purpose, receive his power, and not be changed and healed.

The woman saw that she could not hide - it was obvious in what those around her saw, especially Jesus.

Many touch You, Lord. Help me know how to touch you with purpose, with intent, with faith.

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