Wednesday, May 26, 2010


hurt & healed

Colossians 3
Since you have died, set your minds on the things above ... bearing with one another, tolerating one another, forgiving one another. Put off ... (a long list) & put on ... The first thing we're told to put on is a heart of compassion.

I think it's interesting that compassion is the first thing to put on. Compassion does not come naturally. Selfishness comes a little more naturally. However, after we've been hurt & healed we begin to realize how everybody is in some way or another "disabled" and in pain. This does give us more compassion for others.

The Bible make it clear that in the last days hearts will grow cold. As that coldness continues to grow, compassion will stick out more and more. People in need will be drawn to those with a heart of compassion.

Lord, help me show compassion to someone in need today.


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