Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Standing on the Threshold

Psalm 84:5
How blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee, in whose heart are the highways to Zion.

Lord, I know there is a special blessing for those who actually go to Zion - to see, hear, smell, touch the very places where you walked. I know that this verse is referring to Zion Zion, and yet, you have placed Zion in my heart, for You have chosen to put the Most Holy Place within my heart.

When I seek You there, You turn the valley of weeping into a spring. There, in Your presence, is where You turn my tears into rains of blessing. In Your presence I go from strength to strength.

When I appear before You, You hear my prayer, You shine Your face upon me, You shield me from the afflictions of life. You put music in my heart, a song of thanksgiving to You.

Pr 15:15, for the afflicted, every day is a bad day. But when You give me a cheerful heart, I have a continual feast. I am most grateful.

A day in Your presence is so much better than a thousand days anywhere else. Anywhere.

There are mornings when I stand at the threshold, mornings when I don't have a strong sense of Your presence.

I would rather stand at the threshold of Your presence than dwell with the wicked. Spending time with you, even just at the threshold, is still better than the best day at the beach or the best ride on the trail. Because I trust in You I am greatly blessed. Many Many thanks, Lord.


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