Wednesday, February 10, 2010


He is so full of life!

Sometimes I think of the expression "he or she is so full of life." When I think about who this would describe I think of someone who is happy, who is real, who is engaged in life and in the lives of others, someone who is so alive that you want to be with them because it brightens your day and energizes you. It makes you say "I wish I could be more like him."

That's how I was struck with John 1:4 this a.m. What was Jesus like? Well, "He was so full of life that he was (or His life was) the light to everyone who encountered Him." Jesus was so full of life that He could not help but attract a crowd. So much so that upon first meeting or seeing Him people would be "filled with amazement." Or, as Andrew said to Peter after meeting Him just once "come see, we have found the Messiah." Or, people would say "I never heard anyone speak as this man speaks."

People would line the trails to see Him, or climb into trees to get a glimpse. This was not just because He was popular, but because He was so full of life that people would say to one another "He is so unusual you just have to meet Him." Or, "I have never met such a man as this."

I can't imagine Him walking into the temple, standing on a platform and shouting "Ok, folks, I'm going to begin my teaching in 5 minutes, so run and get your friends!" No, He was like a people magnet. He couldn't help but to be noticed, followed, and listened to.

John Chapter 1 gives me some clues:
1. He was seen by others to be the manifested Word of God
2. His life was very "full" (v. 16, of His fullness ...)
3. He was full of grace and full of truth (of His fullness we received grace upon grace ... grace was realized through Jesus Messiah. Truth was realized thought Jesus Messiah)
4. He was glorious (we beheld His glory, like the only begotten of the Father)
5. He was known for unfolding, telling, declaring the Father to those who do not know what He is like.
6. He was light. He shone in the darkness and the darkness could not seize or overtake Him. But as they saw the light, the truth about God, they saw the truth about themselves. So many avoided Him because their deeds were evil.

Lord, help me understand this and notice this as I read the gospels. Help me see beyond the pre-conceived and pre-programmed image of You to see you full of life.

John 1:4,6
He was so full of life that this life was the light of men ... this was the true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man.


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