Wednesday, August 19, 2009


An unremarkable life

Judges 3:11

"bla bla bla ... and Othniel the son of Kenaz died."

Othniel's life was not very remarkable, but he did get honorable mention.

I think that most of what we do is pretty unremarkable. It may be remarkable to a few of our contemporaries for a brief time. But essentially we live, we serve God or ourselves, we have a little influence over our families, then we die. We are remembered for a brief time by those who loved us, but before long they're gone too, and history says "so and so died ..."

I know it sounds depressing, but really it isn't. It is reality - we have this moment. Make the most of it, for ourselves and for those around us. Make it meaningful for eternity because that is all that will last. The rest will pass by and in a hundred years be a footnote in history, at best.

What can I do that's great? Help those around me know the Lord - not just salvation, but in all ways possible. Judges 3:11 comes very shortly after "and after Joshua died there arose a generation that did not know the Lord."

Lord, help me, then see ways to point others to you. Today.



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