Thursday, August 6, 2009


Because the LORD hates us

Deuteronomy 1

It seems that some of the saints who are grieving may say the same thing that the congregation of Israel said when they were presented with the challenge - and the blessed promises - of moving out of the wilderness. For the saints, moving out of the wilderness of grief.

The Isrealites said: (v.27) "Because the LORD hates us He has brought us out ... to deliver us into the hand of the enemy to destroy us. Where can we go? ... This is too big for me ..."

It seems that the biggest key to successful grief recovery is to believe God. Believe in His goodness, and that His plans for me are good. Believe that He does not devise evil by decree. Believe that He is a God of redemption and renewal and of victory and blessing.

He wishes to bring me into a larger place - a place of blessing. A place of stability. A place of victory over my enemies.

He means to use this death or grevious situation for may salvation, to bring about LIFE. I need to let Him.

God loves to redeem. To turn bad into good / dark into light / evil into righteousness. Every time my chain has been jerked, God has brought me into a new place, a better place, than I was before. He's really good at it! Thank you, LORD.


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